Transform Your Hairstyling Career and Achieve the Success of Your Dreams with Habit Education!

Does This Sound Familiar?

If you've felt any of these things, you're not alone.

65% of stylists experience burnout, depression, anxiety, and creative/physical fatigue throughout their careers. It's a common struggle, but it doesn't have to be your reality.

We have spent the last 27 years discovering the ins and outs of the hair industry, creating viral looks that clients die to have. From doing hair in the attic to opening three salon locations with 90 amazing stylists and thousands of clients, we have built a legacy of excellence. Our massive following in the community and on social media speaks to our impact. We've helped people more than double their businesses and change their lives, going from renting a chair to opening multiple salon locations.

Through it all, though.. we have truly experienced the same feelings and challenges that you are facing.  

BUT, we have found a way to get to what we wanted! We know the joy and success that is possible, and we don’t want to keep that to ourselves! We want YOU to feel the same way, and to achieve the success and happiness you've been dreaming of!

So, we created something very special with YOU in mind...

Habit Education is THE PLACE that can help you get that balance, success and joy you have been craving! It is convenient and packed with everything you are looking for!

     What is it Like Inside The Habit Education App?

Here's a Quick Taste

Take a look at the impact that Habit Education has   had on a few of our members!

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Now, if you're still with us, we think you would make a great addition to the Habit Education Community! Join us and you can say GOODBYE to:

  • Trying to get through each day without feeling emotionally and physically wrecked at the end, and wondering if there is any end in sight.

  • Making plans, trying to motivate yourself, and then feeling discouraged when your plan only lasts for a few days.

  • Trying so hard to stay on top of everything and find that so many things are slipping through the cracks.

  • Losing sleep at night trying to think of a way to really make your talents shine and be successful.

  • Painfully knowing that if you could just dial it in, it could be so great.

Well, let us skip to the good part… it can be better than great. It can be life-changing.

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